Who we are

HIE Initiative is a non-profit organization that was established by a nurse who is passionate about providing quality healthcare to the community. The organization is dedicated to working with community leaders and healthcare providers to develop innovative approaches to improve access to healthcare for all individuals. One of their primary objectives is to provide CPR and First Aid education to school-aged children and their families and will be the pioneer in providing these classes in Armenian. This is a valuable skill that can enable individuals to manage different types of injuries and even save a life in critical situations.

HIE Initiative recognizes the importance of involving community members in the process of developing effective healthcare programs. By gaining insight from community members, the organization hopes to develop the most innovative and practical solutions that will help improve access to quality healthcare for all individuals. The organization seeks to establish sustainable healthcare systems that will benefit future generations.

In line with its vision, HIE Initiative aims to collaborate with community leaders and healthcare providers to implement effective healthcare programs that will improve access to quality healthcare. The organization is committed to promoting health equity, which involves ensuring that all individuals have equal access to healthcare services, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location. HIE Initiative believes that by working together, community members can achieve sustainable and impactful solutions that will improve health outcomes for all individuals.