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To offer fundamental healthcare education to our community and establish self-sufficient healthcare initiatives that are driven by the community, with a focus on serving the most marginalized populations.


To enhance the healthcare delivery system by ensuring equitable access for all individuals.

About Us

HIE Initiative is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve healthcare access for those living in hard-to-reach communities. We are creating self-sustaining community-based education programs to elevate healthcare in these communities and improve healthcare access to vulnerable populations.

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Our professional members

Kristine Oganian

Kristine Oganian is a registered nurse with over ten years of experience in various fields, including intensive care...

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Tagui Sarkisyan

Tagui Sarkisyan earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Southern California and continued...

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Anasheh Enjily

Anasheh Enjily has 15 years of healthcare administrative experience. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from California State University,...

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